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Radios and World Band Receiver in Excellent Condition and Quality Discover the Legendary Grundig Satellit Series

Satellit 205 Transistor 5000

Satellit 208 Transistor 6000

Video Grundig Satellit 208 Transistor 6000
Video Grundig Satellit 6000

Satellit 210 Transistor 6001

Video Grundig Satellit 210 Transistor 6001

Satellit 1000 Transistor 6002

Grundig Satellit 2000

The Grundig Satellit Radio Receiver, e.g. Grundig Satellit 2000 as pictured, or the Grundig Satellit 650 Professional set new standards for shortwave reception, audio sound quality, design and functionality. The Satellit is a timeless classic. For those collectors who are exclusively interested in mint condition transistor Radios, this is a unique opportunity to acquire showcase quality items.

Satellit 2000 - 2400


Satellit 3000 - 4000           

Satellit 500 - 700 - 600   

Satellit 650    

New !
Video Grundig Satellit 650 Professional
Weltweit Radiohören mit dem Grundig Satellit
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 The GRUNDIG SATELLIT will enable you to receive International Radio Stations

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